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Tutorials & Resources – Learn Java on Mobile videos courses for iOS, Android etc.

Tutorials & Resources – Learn Java on Mobile videos courses for iOS, Android etc.

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There are many Codename One resources for building native mobile apps but they are often all over the place,
in this blog post I’ll try to concentrate the best resources for people who already know Java and are looking to pick
up Codename One. If you don’t know Java yet please check out
this post where we discuss resources for beginners
to Java.

Written Docs and Tutorials

Connecting to a MySQL Database from Codename One – includes two versions the second uses Java on the server side while the first uses a PHP backend and is arguably simpler to setup on the server for some cases

There are many other tutorials too many to list, you can see some of them in the tutorial tag
and that is still a partial list as it doesn’t cover the older posts from before the site migration.

Videos & Online Courses

Notice that we have shifted most of our effort to the Codename One Academy. Some of the older videos below might be out of date but the Academy is current and constantly updated:

  • Codename One Academy – contains both free and premium courses covering almost everything there is to know in Codename One and the tools to build full featured apps. The academy is updated on a regular basis with additional material and apps see our launch announcement for details on that.
  • Hello world video tutorial – video covering the steps of building/running a Codename One app
  • Todo Video Tutorial – Covers Codename One basics by walking you through the basics of building a simple Todo app
  • What is Codename One – a thorough walkthrough of Codename One underpinnings, it’s history and how it differs from other approaches to cross platform
  • Learn mobile programming by example
    this course walks you thru the source code of the Property Cross & Dr. Sbaitso demos.
  • Build mobile iOS apps in Java
    walks thru the creation of a client/server image sharing app. It covers the creation of a webservice connection
    to a Java webserver, file upload, camera and many other details.
  • How Do I – this is a large collection of short videos covering everything from layouts to
    webservices etc. Some aren’t as fresh as the others but the list is pretty comprehensive.
  • How to use the Codename One Sources – as the name
    suggests this tutorial gets you started with running a Codename One app compiled against the Codename One
    sources from git
  • PSD to APP – the original
    tutorial from Steve took the form of a video webcast. We later updated it in text form but things such as
    photoshop might be easier to understand in a video
  • Cordova/PhoneGap compatibility – this isn’t
    just a video but it covers a lot of the ideas behind the cordova support we added to Codename One a while back
  • Debug a Codename One app on an Android Device
    this is technically a How Do I? video but it’s a really good one so it’s listed here
  • Codename One Webinar – Steve did a couple of Codename One webinars
    the second one here. Those were both very interesting and
    covered multiple different topics
  • Dr. Sbaitso & Property Cross
    this is effectively the same content as the “by example” course above but on youtube
  • LTS Talk – a talk I gave to LTS over cross mobile device programming
  • JavaZone 2013 talk – a lecture covering the basic principals of Codename One
  • Lecture from Mateja Opacic – Mateja gave a lecture
    at the Coding Serbia Conference and discussed Codename One


We hope to produce more content as we move forward both to replace older/outdated content and to provide more
“ready made” starting points. Our property cross and chat tutorials were very successful mostly because they represent
real world types of applications developers want unlike the kitchen sink which is abstract.

These tutorials require a lot of time & effort so we don’t get to do as many as we might want. If you have thoughts
or wishlists for tutorials we’d be happy to hear about them. Also if you have your own tutorial somewhere feel
free to post a link in the comment, as long as it’s relevant we’ll approve it thru moderation and maybe add it to the post.


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