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Do you have a website, YouTube channel or mailing list with an audience who are into Java, or are you a Codename One fan and want to help spread the word?

Then read on: this program is for you!

Codename One - Affiliate Program

How it works

With the Codename One affiliate program you can make money just by advocating Codename One to your friends, colleges or complete strangers and get paid if they sign up for a paid account using your coupon code for a year.

Your commission

You get a 50% commission on every signup & recurring payments for a year!


In other words, you will keep earning your 50% commission for a year as long as the user stays subscribed. The billing period is either a month or a year.


The percentage is applied to our net revenue, see the Paddle help page for more information on how it’s calculated.

Signing up

1. Sign up to our affiliate program (free signup, no membership cost)
2. Once approved, you’ll get your unique affiliate link & coupon code

3. Use this affiliate link & coupon code in any communication to your audience


Tracking and payment will be handled by Paddle (they are our payment provider).


We use unique referral links and coupon codes to track clicks and signups. Coupon codes also work as a great reward for your referees to signup as they offer big discounts on checkout.


Leads are tracked using anonymous cookies, meaning they don’t require opt-in and thus track nearly all users. A sale is attributed to you when the user subscribes to a paid plan in any browser they also opened your affiliate link in and used your coupon. The attribution window is 30 days (or 7 days on Safari due to browser restrictions).

You’ll be paid via PayPal after 90 days of an initial signup which is the Paddle refund window. The minimum payout amount is $50.

You can write or talk about Codename One in nearly any way you choose. After all, you know your audience best! There are a few basic rules we ask you to keep to:


• Represent Codename One accurately and fairly. For example, do not claim things it cannot do.


• Do not claim to be the maker of Codename One or being someone working at, with, or for Codename One.


• Do not claim we endorse you or your message (unless we explicitly did so).


• Don’t spam! Your affiliate status can be revoked for spamming, illegal or deceitful practices. 

Do you have a website, a YouTube channel or a mailing list with an audience who are into Java, Kotlin, cross-platform app development or just app development in general?


Or are you a member of a Java community or socially active in an app development specific group? 


If so, you can talk about or review Codename One and share your affiliate link with the coupon code. Be honest. Don’t try to “sell”. You can ask people if they are familiar with Codename One. Start a conversation not a sales pitch.




• Spread the word on your social media networks

• Write an educational post on your blog

• Create a video tutorial on YouTube

• Send an email to your list

• Display banner on your website

• Talk about Codename One on related forums (do not spam!)

• Setup a webinar and teach your audience how to use Codename One