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Its often an Apples == Oranges comparison since Codename One is so different from everything else…
This section is being retired in favor of a more open comparison system in the blog . This is an ongoing process of migrating comparisons to the new format, during this update we are keeping this section as reference.
To properly evaluate a platform we often look at our existing experiences and evaluate based on what we know. The set of options below present some of insights about how we match up to other cross platform solutions in the market today. But first lets start up with the Codename One benefits:
Love it or hate it Java is still king of the hill. With 9-10 million active Java developers and a permanent spot as one of the top programming languages. The language/platform are familar to tens of millions of developers world wide guaranteeing code maintainability well into the future.
Codename One translates all the code to native code or the native VM resulting in performance that matches the performance of native code.
Developers can use the rich tools available for Java developers such as Eclipse/NetBeans to work with the code. Codename One has its own GUI builder and many niceties to track issues in your code. The biggest benefit though is in the build server which generates a native application for you without having to deal with all of the complexities of building a native app for every platform.
Due to its unique lightweight architecture Codename One boast greater portability than HTML5 and more supported devices! Thanks to its unique cloud build system it doesn’t require any native toolchain or dedicated hardware.