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I recently flew to

dev day at Riga

, I was quite ill before the trip so it was pretty difficult and that’s the main reason I didn’t make a trip report like I normally do. However, the conference and the people running it did seem like a whole lot of fun that unfortunately I was in no shape to enjoy.

I did prepare a demo/presentation for the trip though and since I gave my talk under the influence of medication I think its wise to post a tutorial to the demo I did here both for those who were in attendance and for the rest of the Codename One community.

The demo I made is a homage to an old Soundblaster demo, its generally a chat app between you and an AI that I designed to look like iMessage. It uses text to speech (with native interfaces) to vocalize the responses of the “AI”. Notice the AI is really trivial and I don’t cover it in the video tutorials below.

You can see the full source code of the demo in our

demos directory here

. Here are videos explaining pretty much the whole demo.

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