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Unlimited number of apps, no royalties, no restrictions!

Simple Fair Transparent Pricing, 30 day money back guarantee you can cancel at any time…

Free $0/mo

Basic $19/mo


Week trial

two Week trial

Professional $79/mo

Enterprise $399/mo$316.6 /mo paid Annually


Hardware/Software Solution

We will provide on-premise hardware and set it up as a fully offline capable build environment. We will send someone to physically install the hardware hence the extra cost for the first year.

– Access to the full source code including backend with bi-annualtarball drops.

– Dedicated engineering contact who will also provide support for building our backend code from tarballs. This provides 100% guarantee that if we ever discontinue the product or get purchased a corporation can rely on our product existing onward.

Prices above are per developer seat and include multiple platforms with no royalties or hidden fees.

For a detailed pricing matrix and FAQ check out this page. Codename One provides 100% no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee for all purchases made via PayPal.


Payment can be done using credit cards (thru PayPal) or via SWIFT bank transfers (and invoice) for annual accounts of pro grade or higher. To use the SWIFT invoicing/ purchase order option just signup for a free account and click the right invoicing option within the subscription tab.


Build size restrictions relate to the size of the user JAR before compilation not the final app on which there is no such restriction. Notice you can increase the quotas for the builds by inviting your friends to use Codename One!


Please notice that accounts can’t be shared and must be uniform within the organization. E.g. a single company can’t have one developer in enterprise grade and another one in pro grade.