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VM Enhancements, Full Screen and XML

We are in code freeze…​ As part of the release process I’m gathering the changes we implemented over the past few months. Quite a few didn’t get a blog post during this time. So here is a list of the important things we didn’t document. VM Changes We did two big things for ParparVM (our VM Enhancements, Full Screen and XML

Codefreeze for Chat (Codename One 6.0)

We’re entering code freeze later tonight which means no further commits will be made. After the code freeze only reviewed commits can be cherry picked. Only critical bugs will be fixed at that point. We will push out a new plugin update and tools tomorrow morning. They will be labeled 6.0 and serve as release Codefreeze for Chat (Codename One 6.0)

Preparing for Codename One 6.0 – Chat

Codename One 6.0 AKA Chat will launch on February 27th. We’re pushing this release a week back to finish the open issues. We will enter code freeze on the 20th exactly one week from today. After the code freeze only reviewed commits can be cherry picked. Only critical bugs will be fixed at that point. Preparing for Codename One 6.0 – Chat

File Chooser on Xcode 10.1

The recent migration to xcode 10.1 broke builds for apps using the file chooser API. In order to use that API we need to make changes to the provisioning profile to include iCloud support. With the new version you must have a container associated with iCloud for this to work. To fix this follow these File Chooser on Xcode 10.1

WhatsApp Clone GA

The WhatsApp clone app is finally up in the online course. With that finally out of the way we can turn our attention to Codename One 6.0 which is due dangerously soon. We might even slightly postpone the release so we can finish crucial RFE’s/issues. Getting the WhatsApp clone out has been an ordeal, not WhatsApp Clone GA

Rich Push Notifications Improved

Last week Steve committed the final piece of the rich push notification support RFE. This commit introduces support for replies in push messages. This came too late for the whatsapp clone but if you want to build an app of this type you would need this feature. The app main class should implement PushActionProvider. This Rich Push Notifications Improved

Native Controls

We supported native widgets within the native interface feature since the first public beta. However, this requires native coding and isn’t always trivial. Normally you don’t really need to do that. E.g. for text fields we implicitly convert the field to a native field as necessary. However, if you wish to use the password manager Native Controls

WhatsApp Clone

I’ve been pretty busy this new year with a lot of unpredictable detours. As such I completely missed the deadline of releasing the whatsapp clone application I promissed for the end of year. I’m now in the process of uploading modules into the online course for the WhatsApp clone. Unlike previous clones I plan to WhatsApp Clone

Xcode 10.1 Migration Phase 2

As I mentioned recently, we’re migrating to xcode 10.1. This weekend we entered phase 2 of the migration which allows you to test your builds with xcode 10.1. To do this just set the build hint: ios.xcode_version=10.1. If you run into issues with xcode 10.1 builds let us know ASAP. This is very urgent as Xcode 10.1 Migration Phase 2

Xcode 10.1 Migration

Over the past month Apple started sending out warnings that they will no longer accept apps built with older SDK’s starting this March. To preempt that we will update our servers to use xcode 10.1 over the next couple of weeks. This change should be seamless for the most part but some odd behaviors or Xcode 10.1 Migration

TIP: Global Settings

A somewhat hidden feature of Codename One Settings is the ability to define global settings. Global settings are useful when you have multiple projects and would like to use common defaults. E.g. we have standard certificate definitions for iOS/Android that allow us to just send a device build on a new project without configuring anything. TIP: Global Settings

See You in 2019

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, happy new year to all. All of us here at Codename One hope you have a lovely vacation if you are taking one. Since half of our readership is from countries that celebrate these holidays it seems like a good time to take a short blogging vacation as well. During this See You in 2019