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WhatsApp Clone GA

WhatsApp Clone GA

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The WhatsApp clone app is finally up in the online course. With that finally out of the way we can turn our attention to Codename One 6.0 which is due dangerously soon. We might even slightly postpone the release so we can finish crucial RFE’s/issues.

Getting the WhatsApp clone out has been an ordeal, not so much because of complexity (the app is much simpler than Uber or Facebook)…​ It was due to the amount of concurrent things I had to deal with during this time.

There are still plenty of issues for version 6.0 and a lot of them just won’t make it in time so this is the point where we need to step it up for the 6.0 release. Right now I’m considering pushing it back one week to February 26th instead of the 19th. This should give us a bit more time to get more of these issues/features in.


  • roland tshabalala says:

    Does this clone include features that allows you to modify text into things like bold, italics, underlines, bullets and different colors etc? Also does it include Voip, sending voice notes?

  • Shai Almog says:

    No to both. This clone is much simpler than previous clones as a lot of the functionality was already discussed in the Facebook Clone. It also includes a rich text view which you can use for rich input.

    Sending voip notes is something I partially implemented there but didn’t actually do, it should be relatively trivial. VoIP would require native integration, I looked at some of the available options in the field and chose to pass on this for now. There are so many options and the setup hassle would have taken up too much time.

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