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Xcode 10.1 Migration

We're moving to xcode 10.1 (from our current 9.2 version)
Xcode 10.1 Migration

Xcode 10.1 Migration

Over the past month Apple started sending out warnings that they will no longer accept apps built with older SDK’s starting this March. To preempt that we will update our servers to use xcode 10.1 over the next couple of weeks. This change should be seamless for the most part but some odd behaviors or bugs usually rise as a result of such migrations.

To test if a sudden regression is caused by this migration you can explicitly force xcode 9.2 for compatibility by using the build hint: ios.xcode_version=9.2.

We also considered updating the Android target SDK from 27 to 28 but since that would be a requirement only around August it might make better sense to postpone it to the 7.0 release cycle.

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Posted by Shai Almog

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