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What Features Would You Like To See In 1.1 

Update: The survey was completed and its results are published. Thanks for taking the time to answer. We are already gearing to close 1.0 and are looking at the features we would like to get into 1.1 currently slated for May 2013. In that spirit we would love if you would take a few minutes

Test It

One of the common questions we get for Codename One is regarding testability. Cross platform frameworks are notoriously hard to auto-test and so fail when you try to build more complex applications. We see this as one of the most important areas in which we can innovate and leapfrog native OS environments by offering testing

Codename One Benchmarked With Amazing Results

Steve Hannah who ported Codename One to Avian has just completed a set of benchmarks on Codename One’s iOS performance putting Codename One’s at 33% slower performance than native C and faster performance than Objective-C! I won’t spoil his research results so please read his full post here . A small disclaimer is that the

Fonts Revisited

Fonts are were a painful subject in Codename One, historically devices supported a very limited set of fonts and we were bound by said limitations. However, devices moved forward and finally we too can move forward to more reasonable font support. The new font API is limited to Android & iOS, we were considering Blackberry

Cloud Storage, Cloud Bind(tm), iPhone 5 simulator, barcodes and much more

We just made a major update including a pile of fixes and features. One of the biggest things we are launching right now is an early preview of our new Cloud Storage and Cloud Bind ™ solutions. Cloud Storage allows you to effectively use our cloud as a big object database, similar to other big

Detect EDT Violations

One of the hardest ideas for developers to grasp in Codename One (or GUI programming in general) is the idea of a single event dispatch thread (EDT). The rules of using it and releasing it are sometimes complex and mistakes are very easy to make e.g.: Writing complex/slow code that blocks the EDT thus slowing

Screen Capture of Our Java One Session

For those of you unable to attend JavaOne this year, you can check out the full video of our session here. You don’t actually see me but you can hear me talk and see the slides/demos since the feed from the projector was recorded. Apple wiped my iPad the day before with a stupid iOS

Installing On A Windows Phone Device

We recently added Windows Phone support to Codename One, this allows you to build your applications as a Windows XAP application for installation on a Windows Phone device. Unfortunately of all the platforms we support (including J2ME and iOS) MS is the only company that chose not to allow standard OTA distribution so you will