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Pull To Refresh & Several New How Do I videos

Chen has been busy adding one of the more addictive features yet to Codename One: pull to refresh. If you are unfamiliar with the Twitter app, this feature essentially means that you pull the UI downwards from the top and an arrow appears indicating that the UI will refresh once you lift your finger. This Pull To Refresh & Several New How Do I videos

Codename One Affiliate Program

Today we are announcing the new affiliate program for Codename One. This effectively means you can advocate Codename One to your friends, colleges, complete strangers and get paid if they sign up for a paid account for up to two years! You can read about the affiliate program and how you can start earning today Codename One Affiliate Program

Hamburger Sidemenu

The title of this post might be a bit misleading… Hamburger? The Hambuger sidemenu is the menu style popularized by the Facebook app, its called a Hamburger because of the 3 line icon on the top left resembling a hamburger patty between two buns (get it: its a side menu…)! Up until now these things Hamburger Sidemenu

Inspecting Components

First, let me start with an apology for not blogging as frequently. Its been hectic these past few weeks and I could barely find the time to write this! That’s generally a “good thing(tm)”. One of my favorite things about working with Codename One is the GUI builder, it solves a lot of the headaches Inspecting Components

New Preliminary Library Support

We’ve just launched a new library project type for Codename One, this is very preliminary but we think this is pretty much the final direction we will take with the Codename One library support. To get started just create a new project and select the Codename One library project as your option. This will generate New Preliminary Library Support

With 100,000 SDK Downloads, Mobile Development Platform Codename One Comes Out of Beta With 1.0 Launch

Tel Aviv, Israel – Mobile development platform Codename One is announcing the launch of its 1.0 version on Tuesday, January 29. After releasing in beta last June, Codename One – the first software development kit that allows Java developers to create true high performance native mobile applications across multiple mobile operating systems using a single With 100,000 SDK Downloads, Mobile Development Platform Codename One Comes Out of Beta With 1.0 Launch

New Blog Infrastructure

Due to technical reasons in our website we had to dump blogger which served us well until now. We aren’t deleting the blog but we will try to move it to this domain. Notice: This post was automatically converted using a script from an older blogging system. Some elements might not have come out as New Blog Infrastructure

Why Oracle won't issue Java for iOS anytime soon 

They say that today all companies are software companies. In less than 5 years all companies will be mobile companies. So why isn’t Oracle “getting it”, why aren’t they on the iPhone, on Android and even Windows Phone? This OTN thread has been going on for some time now with people constantly chiming in with Why Oracle won't issue Java for iOS anytime soon 

How Do I???

Answering common question is what a FAQ is usually for, but usually that’s just not enough. A common presentation tip is: “Show, don’t tell”. Which is why we launched the “How Do I?” section in the Codename One website, this section contains short video tutorials demonstrating how to do small things in Codename One from How Do I???

Survey Results With Some Comments/Thoughts

Thanks for answering our questions about what you want in Codename One 1.1, your answers were very interesting and your comments are always helpful. Before getting to the actual results I’d like to cover some of the comments made in some of the responses which I think broadcast that we need to communicate what we Survey Results With Some Comments/Thoughts

What Features Would You Like To See In 1.1 

Update: The survey was completed and its results are published. Thanks for taking the time to answer. We are already gearing to close 1.0 and are looking at the features we would like to get into 1.1 currently slated for May 2013. In that spirit we would love if you would take a few minutes What Features Would You Like To See In 1.1 

Test It

One of the common questions we get for Codename One is regarding testability. Cross platform frameworks are notoriously hard to auto-test and so fail when you try to build more complex applications. We see this as one of the most important areas in which we can innovate and leapfrog native OS environments by offering testing Test It