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8 to 6+

8 to 6+

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iOS 8 and iPhone 6/6+ are nearly upon us and Codename One is ready for both!

We’ve just added device skins for iOS 6 and 6+, notice that due to the very high resolution you might want to disable scrolling. Notice that those skins are ridiculously large and as such might trigger an out of memory error when you try to run. To fix this just go to the project properties and select the run section. In it select the VM options and configure -Xmx128m or even higher.

The 6+ device will use the HD level DPI so you should make sure to have graphics at that resolutions in order to truly make use of that device.

The build servers will now take

10 screenshots instead of 7

for iOS devices, these include the 6 the 6+ and the landscape version of 6+.

The file names are:

[email protected] – 750 x 1334

[email protected]

– 1242 x 2208

[email protected] – 2208 x 1242

You will notice that on stage Apple claimed that the device is 1080p which is true, but graphics for it is raised by a multiple of 3 then downscaled by hardware to simplify the programming model.

We are also running the latest gold master version of iOS 8 which seems to support Codename One applications just as well as iOS 7 without any changes required.

We’ll write more about the JavaZone conference trip soon.

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