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Codename One 3.0 Now Live & Special Offer!

Codename One 3.0 Now Live & Special Offer!

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We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Codename One 3.0!
To celebrate this release we are giving away a $100 rebate discount for annual pro
subscriptions and $300 rebate discount for annual enterprise subscriptions.
All you need to do to get this rebate is signup for an annual subscription and the appropriate sum will
be refunded within 24 hours thru PayPal. This offer is valid before June 1st 2015.
You can check out the press release and full announcement here.

Go a head and update your Plugin now to get the new Release.

Highlights Of The Release – Click For Details

New iOS VM
JavaScript build target (technology preview)
Charts API
New Demos
New Themes
Toolbar API
Built demos into the Eclipse/NetBeans Plugins
New Android graphics pipeline
Regular expression and validation support
High DPI Image Support
Support for opening HTML files with hierarchies & Tar support
New Morph & Flip Transitions
Significantly enhanced developer guide
iOS Beta Test Support (testflight)
MiG layout support
Facebook improvements such as publish support & version 2.0 API
Added webservice wizard to simplify client-server calls
Support for badging the native OS icon on iOS
TCP socket support
Advanced keyboard input in iOS that doesn’t fold implicitly

You can also read the far more detailed list of release notes here.

One of the things we are announcing today is a switch to faster release cycles, we already announced the
next two release dates which will probably map to versions 3.1 and 3.2 respectively: July 27th and October 27 2015.
Notice that the dates are 3 months apart allowing us to make releases much faster and keep Codename One
stable in shorter iterations. This effectively means that
versioned builds
will become a more viable feature. It also means that the feature list for every release will be very volatile
and we won’t announce them until the release is out of the door.

Warning For Users Of The Old VM (XMLVM)

If you are still using the build flag ios.newVM=false we strongly suggest you stop right now!
Even if you don’t need appstore submission and aren’t worried about the impending July cutoff date for the old
VM you would still need to migrate!

Apple broke xcode 5.x builds with its new Mac OS release Yosemite, this has been broken for a while and it
seems that Apple has no intention of fixing this. Unfortunately Apple has a tendency of tying xcode upgrades and
OS upgrades together, our build servers are still running Mavericks (the previous OS X release) and we have
no intention of upgrading them right now. However, if we find ourselves in need of a new server or if Apple
forces us to use a new version of xcode (and thus a newer version of Mac OS) we would be forced to upgrade
the servers.
Such an upgrade will make all builds targeting XMLVM fail!

The correct thing to do is move to the new VM which we are actively supporting as much as possible, we suggest
you do it now rather than hastily at a later date. It provides many advantages including stack traces &amp a
superior gc.

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