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iOS allows us to send a push notification to trigger a numeric badge on the application icon, this is something you could do with Codename One for quite some time although it was mostly undocumented. You could send a push notification with the type 100 and the number for the badge and that number would appear on the icon, when you launch the app the next time the default behavior is to clear the badge value.

There is also an option to send push type 101 and provide a badge number semi-colon and a message e.g. use a message body such as this: “3;This message is shown to the user with number 3 badge”. Obviously, this feature will only work for iOS so don’t send these push types to other platforms…

In addition to that we have added an option to change the badge number, this is useful if you want the badge to represent the unread count within your application. To do this we added two methods to display: isBadgingSupported() & setBadgeNumber.

Notice that even if isBadgingSupported will return true, it will not work unless you activate push support!

To truly utilize this you might need to disable the clearing of the badges on startup which you can do with the build argument ios.enableBadgeClear=false

On a separate note we also added the ability to scale images based on aspect ratio

to the ImageIO class with a new method saveAndKeepAspect which should provide more memory efficient scaling. This is important for Android which manages image memory quite poorly.

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