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Android Push Changes

We have made some upgrades to our push notification server API. If you deploy apps to Android and use push notifications, you will need to make a small change to the server-side code that sends the HTTP request to our push server. If you do not send push notifications to Android devices, you can ignore Android Push Changes

Codename One Shared Files Library

This library provides a wrapper over the Android shared files API to allow your Codename One apps to read and write shared files (i.e. files accessible to other apps).

How to Build iOS Apps with Java
How to Build iOS Apps with Java

Learn how to build and publish iOS apps with Java or Kotlin without a Mac or Xcode in this comprehensive guide.

Async Debugging with IntelliJ IDEA - Codename One
Async Debugging with IntelliJ IDEA

We have added support for IntelliJ’s asynchronous code debugging feature, so that you can more easily debug your asynchronous code.

Property Sheet and JavaDocs - Codename One
New Property Sheet and JavaDocs

We have added a new property sheet and a JavaDocs button to the toolbar of the Properties panel.

Creating New Projects with Old Templates - Codename One
Creating New Projects with Old Templates

Learn how to convert the old Codename One “ANT” project structure demos to Maven projects using the Maven Migration Tool.

Inspect Component - Codename One
New Feature: Inspect Component

We’ve added support for “Inspect Component”, which is similar to the “Inspect Element” feature available in Chrome.

Simulator Facelift - Codename One
Codename One Simulator Facelift

With the latest Maven update (7.0.61), you will notice a few changes to the Codename One simulator that should improve your development experience.

VSCode configs - Codename One
Better VSCode Support for Maven Projects

Our next update to the Codename One application archetype (7.0.59) includes some VSCode-specific config files to help improve integration for Maven Projects.

codename one - build hint editor
Build-Hints Editor

In the latest plugin update, we’ve added a Build-Hints Editor that accessible from a menu item inside the Codename One simulator. This is intended to make it easier to edit your app’s build hints, and also inform you of build hints that you may need to configure.

New iOS Certificate Wizard - Codename One
New iOS Certificate Wizard

We recently released a makeover to the iOS certificate wizard that makes it much easier to generate your certificates and provisioning profiles for your iOS deployments.

Pricing Change - Codename One
We’re Raising Prices! Here’s how you can keep the old Price

We’re adjusting pricing for paid plans for new users signing up after December 31st, 2021. Learn how you can keep the old price.