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In A Pinch

Codename One has supported multi-touch and effectively pinch to zoom events from the very first release. However, it wasn’t intuitive to write code that would handle pinch to zoom. We just committed new pinch callback events to component which effectively allows you to zoom in/out with gestures. Effectively if you are interested in handling pinch In A Pinch

You Can Bet On It

Recently the guys from Software Developer Journal contacted us about writing a mobile gaming article , since quite a few Codename One developers use it to write games we decided to accept the offer and I wrote an article titled: “Writing casual games In Java for mobile devices”. In this article we create a simple You Can Bet On It

Pushing It

We got a request from one of our pro-subscribers to support push notification on Blackberry devices. Normally we just implement the feature pro-developers ask for. However, in this case we were cautious… Building anything for/on top of a Blackberry device is often an exercise in futility. The gist of it though is that we were Pushing It

Spanning, Caching, Native Fonts and more

When you have so many features as Codename One has things sometimes slip, a feature gets lost and even the guys who created it forget it was there. There are two such stories in this post one dates back to the very start of Codename One…. But first lets start with the other one. A Spanning, Caching, Native Fonts and more

Jaring And Libraries

Don’t change the classpath Support for JAR files in Codename One has been a source of confusion despite my previous post on the matter so its probably a good idea to revisit this subject again and clarify all the details. The first source of confusion is changing the classpath. You should NEVER change the classpath Jaring And Libraries


Note: we decided to go in a different direction than the content of this blog post. We will make a new post with further details when we complete the new feature. Generally we found a way to allow deobfuscation of release binaries as well so you would be able to get a crash report on Crashing

Why Mobile Web Is Slow?

Clarification update: For some reason people read this as a rebuttal of Drew Crawford article, it is not . It is merely a response, I accept almost everything he said but have a slightly different interpretation on some of the points. Over the weekend quite a few people wrote to me about a well researched Why Mobile Web Is Slow?

MoPub Ad Support

Updated: We also added the option: ios.mopubTabletId which is required to build tablet compilant apps. It must point to a leaderboard ad unit. For a long time we’ve been looking for a proper partner on banner ads and could only find mediocre networks or worse. Unfortunately it seems the field of proper advertising on device MoPub Ad Support

Handling The Exception

Handling errors or exceptions in a deployed product is pretty difficult, most users would just throw away your app and some would give it a negative rating without providing you with the opportunity to actually fix the bug that might have happened. Google improved on this a bit by allowing users to submit stack traces Handling The Exception

The Move To Java 5 And New Cloud E-Mail Support

We started moving the usages of Vector and Hashtable to use Map/Collection/HashMap & ArrayList. This follows our release of the full source code for our modified version of retroweaver and the Java packages that go with it. Recap: we had to change retroweaver which was designed to allow Java 5 code to run on Java The Move To Java 5 And New Cloud E-Mail Support

Big Batch Of Features

We’ve been so busy this past month that we just forgot mentioning many of the features that went into Codename One in June and there are MANY small features that just didn’t get a blog post or even a mention! We just open sourced a major piece of our backend code, the changes to retroweaver Big Batch Of Features

Longstanding Issue Of Back Button In BiDi/RTL

We’ve had a long standing annoyance with Codename One’s RTL (Right To Left languages, e.g. Arabic/Hebrew etc.) where the back button was still pointing in the wrong direction on iOS. This was REALLY annoying to such a great extent that up until recently we recommended that people don’t use RTL on iOS devices. Well we Longstanding Issue Of Back Button In BiDi/RTL