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Codename One 3.5 Now Live

Codename One 3.5 Now Live

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We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Codename One 3.5!

Version 3.5 is a huge release that includes the long awaited Windows Universal Platform (UWP) support and brings the new GUI builder out of beta.

Highlights of this Release


  • Xcode 7 migration – this is something we tried to do and had to walk back. It’s more challenging to get this right but we hope to do this in the 3.6 cycle.

  • Demos – we didn’t finish all the demos and didn’t finish the most important one (Kitchen Sink). There isn’t much left there though…​

  • Peer Component Support – we didn’t switch this on by default. We weren’t able to do this for other OS’s either in time for the release.

  • While we produced videos we didn’t produce more of them. The production of higher quality videos is more intense and hard to fit into our schedules

Onwards to 3.6

With 3.6 we are aiming to introduce an offline build option for enterprise developers. We also have some other plans but they might stretch to 3.7.

The lowlight issues above are important to us for the 3.6 release and we’d like to improve on them.


Version 3.6 is scheduled for December of 2016. 3.7 is scheduled for April 4th 2017.


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