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Clock Demo

Clock Demo

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We’ve been working very hard on updating a very ambitious demo for this week but alas it still isn’t ready…​ In the
meantime we decided to modernize the clock demo which is an important demo that is missing from the IDE’s for
some reason which is a shame because it’s probably our only low level graphics focused demo…​

Check out a live preview of the demo on the right here thanks to our JavaScript port!

This demo was developed by Steve as part of a tutorial to teach low level graphics programming, this tutorial
was folded into the developer guide graphics section. Due to it’s nature there is
not much we can improve about the demo. It’s a wonderful demo both in simplicity and scope.

Still we modernized some of the boilerplate code that was improved since the original demo.
We also updated the fonts which really took the demo to the next level. We had some other thoughts but this
is one of those cases where adding features would probably detract from the value of the demo so we left it as it is.

You can check out the slightly modified source code of this demo in
this github project.

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