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ToastBar Messages

ToastBar Messages

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The ToastBar was one
of those API’s I didn’t know I needed and yet I became addicted to it…​
Ever since Steve came out with the ToastBar I constantly catch myself typing only to delete that
to use the ToastBar. It’s both really easy to use and more consistent with modern mobile UI design.

As a replacement for Dialog it really needed the static “show methods”, so we added a simpler showErrorMessage
which combined the ToastBar with the material font icons to create a proper error message. This allowed us to
show an error message with a single line of code, but these things shouldn’t be used only for errors which is
why we just added two new static methods: showMessage(String msg, char icon, int timeout) &
showMessage(String msg, char icon).

The icon argument is one of the FontImage
constants representing the material design icons. This allows us to show simpler notifications e.g. file downloaded
successfully etc.

We can now do this using code such as this:

Form f = new Form("Toast", BoxLayout.y());

Button showError = new Button("Show Error");
Button showNotification = new Button("Show Notification");
Button showWarning = new Button("Show Warning");

showError.addActionListener(e -> ToastBar.showErrorMessage("This is an error"));
showNotification.addActionListener(e -> ToastBar.showMessage("This is a notification", FontImage.MATERIAL_INFO));
showWarning.addActionListener(e -> ToastBar.showMessage("This is a warning!", FontImage.MATERIAL_WARNING));



  • Chris says:

    Thanks for the info. ToastBar.showErrorMessage() is displaying with empty box as image( ” ! ” mark in the example) instead of actual image in the front of the message. Something has been changed recently.

  • Shai Almog says:

    No to my knowledge. This is derived from the theme. The icon is created based on the style of the message UIID.