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Codename One 3.4 Now Live

Codename One 3.4 Now Live

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We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Codename One 3.4!

Version 3.4 brings with it refinement and stability as its core features, this is a trend that we are very pleased with
and intend to carry on to version 3.5.

Highlights of this Release

You can see the full list of changes to Codename One in the github repository.


The following are things we are still working on or failed to bring to the front for this release. We are aware of
them and are working on improving them:

  • Demos – We were supposed to modernize our demos. Almost all of them still use Java 5 and old themes. None
    use the new material design icon fonts. This makes them feel antiquated, we hope to fix this early in the 3.5 cycle

  • Windows port – We actually made great progress on this &
    also posted the full source code.
    Just yesterday we posted additional good news on the subject!
    However, it’s still incomplete for release and needs quite a bit of work as it is a huge task. We are making a lot
    of progress though and we are optimistic that 3.5 could have UWP support.

  • GUI Builder – This is the biggest failure of this release. One of our core goals was to get the GUI builder
    to production grade in 3.5 and we failed with that. It’s much stabler but we can’t call it 1.0 at this time…​
    This is our highest priority right now. We will try to get the GUI builder to 1.0 well before 3.5 is ready and will
    hopefully release/announce it separately.

Onwards to 3.5

Besides the lowlights above which must be addressed, there are several other things we are looking at for 3.5:

  • Java 8 all the way – we will make Java 8 into the default build mode. Once that is in order we will experiment
    with “only” Java 8 mode for newer builds.
    Assuming this will work we will switch to Java 8 thru our entire stack and Codename One builtin code will be able
    to use Java 8 language features.

  • Videos & Even Better Docs – We will increase our video output now that our documentation has improved. We
    are still working on even better documentation than what we have right now. We’re not ready for announcements
    yet but we have some interesting ideas

  • We will continue the trend of using Codename One to build everything. This trend started with the
    certificate wizard which is one of our most popular features. It continued with the new GUI builder and preferences
    dialog for our IntelliJ IDEA support.


Codename One 3.5 is scheduled for Tuesday August 2nd 2016. Version 3.6 is currently scheduled for December of


  • Kyri Ioulianou says:

    When I check for updates in Netbeans it says the latest version available is only 3.3.4

  • Shai Almog says:

    We released the update last week so libraries should be up to date. The Eclipse and IDEA plugins should be at the right version, however since NetBeans goes thru manual verification by the NetBeans team it sometimes take a while for the update (which we submitted almost a week ago) to go thru that process.

  • Geertjan says:

    I just had a look in the Plugin Manager in NetBeans IDE 8.1. The latest version of Codename One available is 3.4.0.

  • Gareth Murfin says:

    Great news!!! What an update, shame about the GUI builder, Im looking forward to that. I may even swap to IntelliJ plugin see what its like! Also when will cocoa pods be fully supported on iOS side ?

  • Shai Almog says:

    Notice Geertjans comment that 3.4 is already up on NetBeans. We have a cocoa pods announcement coming soon…

  • Chen Fishbein says:

    Hi Geertjan,
    I think I see an issue with the plugin center. is it possible that the plugin center won’t return the most latest plugin version if a user haven’t updated for a while? for example if a User was on version 3.3.3 and he haven’t updated the plugin for a while and in the meantime we uploaded 3.4.0 version. when he search for updates the plugin center will updated him to 3.3.4 instead of skipping that version and offering 3.4.0. is this a known issue?

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