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Getting Ready For 1.1

As part of our preparation for the 1.1 version of Codename One we are accelerating our typical release cycle so we can test against regressions as soon as possible. We plan to make a release within this month for versions 1.1. The final feature set for 1.1 should include the following highlights: 3rd party Library Getting Ready For 1.1

Cloud Object Viewer

Working with the Cloud Object API can sometimes be difficult. The data isn’t tabular and understanding the concepts such as indexes and scopes for such objects is pretty hard. To help alleviate this difficulty Chen built a tool right into the Codename One simulator that allows you to query the cloud storage for the current Cloud Object Viewer

Pingjam: A New Way To Make Money On Ads

We have many interesting ways for you to make money using Codename One and pingjam is one of the most innovative ways we ran into. Pingjam ads are placed within the dialer window based on the number you are dialing to, e.g. you dial to purchase a pizza you might get an ad offering a Pingjam: A New Way To Make Money On Ads

J2ME, Feature Phones & Nokia Devices

Is J2ME dead or dying? How many times have we heard this for the past 3 years or so? Sadly the answer is: Yes!  Unfortunately there is no active owner for the J2ME standard and thus no new innovation around J2ME for quite some time (MIDP 2.0 came out in 2004, 3.0 never really materialized). J2ME, Feature Phones & Nokia Devices

Turn It On (Or Off)

We just added a new On/Off switch to Codename One that should allow you to use this component which is very popular on iOS (and gaining some popularity on Android), this is a rather elaborate component because of its very unique design on iOS but we were able to accommodate most of the small behaviors Turn It On (Or Off)

OTA Device Skin Downloads

Chen has recently added support for a new OTA (Over The Air) skin download feature which allows us to give you more device skins while maintaining a relatively small distribution size, in fact we might shrink the distribution by removing some of the builtin skins into the new OTA download option. Most of the work OTA Device Skin Downloads

Which Subscription Level Should I Choose?

From the many emails and discussions we have with developers it seems that there is a great deal of confusion regarding the differences between the 4 levels of subscription that Codename One is offering. I would like to explain the difference more succinctly by covering some of the cases and benefits we reached with various Which Subscription Level Should I Choose?

Cutting PSD Files

This post is inspired by a great post written by Tope , covering the slicing of a PSD image to produce small PNG images which you can later on use as image borders, backgrounds, icons etc. Tope’s technique is pretty simple and works rather well but I’d like to offer another technique as well as Cutting PSD Files

Windows Phone 8 And The State Of 7

A preliminary Windows Phone 8 build has been available on our servers for the past couple of days. We differentiate between a Windows Phone 7 and 8 version by a build argument that indicates the version (win.ver=8) this will be exposed by the GUI in the next update of the plugin. But now I would Windows Phone 8 And The State Of 7

Combining SalesForce and Codename One

This is a guest post by Bertrand Cirot, based on an original blog post that appeared here . Bertrand works as an SFDC, Flex and Java/J2EE developer in Switzerland. Closely interested in mobile device solutions, he writes on which proposes tutorials for the French-speaking community. While investigating the possibilities within Codename One, I made Combining SalesForce and Codename One

5 Tips for Gamifying Your Mobile App

This is a guest post by Yaniv Nizan who is the CEO and Co-Founder of The SOOMLA Project , the platform for Creating In-App Purchase Stores for Mobile Games. Yaniv also writes in 4 different blogs including , speaks in different industry events about gamification and game design and tweets @y_nizan . Gamification is 5 Tips for Gamifying Your Mobile App

Performance Improvements On iOS & Some Other News

The other day one of our pro users sent us an app he is working on (which looks great and will hopefully be submitted to the gallery), he was experiencing major performance degradation on iOS compared to Android. Initially I couldn’t find anything wrong with the app so I started debugging and benchmarking the hell Performance Improvements On iOS & Some Other News