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Keeping Busy

Keeping Busy

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I’ve been remarkably busy with the Uber clone application. Cloning Uber proved to be pretty easy but writing the material about it is much harder so I’m taking longer than I anticipated to finish everything. I’m already up to slide 200 and I’ve barely started…​ I think I might end up with more than 1,000 slides in this module!

I’m pretty optimistic about the results though and hope you will like it too. This did give me a chance to look deeply into the Uber application and I have a lot of insights into the current state of app development. E.g. the similarity between the Uber app on iOS and Android is amazing!

E.g. this is the iOS version of the login form I showed before:

iOS Uber Login UI
Figure 1. iOS Uber Login UI

The similarity to the Android version is amazing. In other forms they even use the floating action button and the underline style text field from Android…​ I have a lot more to say about this and will try to collect my thoughts on this after I finish this module.

In terms of features we didn’t implement anything new over the past couple of weeks but we did make a few bug fixes and enhancements for under the hood behaviors. E.g. title animation and pull to refresh work better now. Text input in the JavaScript port is also much improved.

Website Server Update

We need to migrate the main server hosting this site to a new location so there might be some service interruption this Sunday around 8AM GMT but it should be pretty quick. If you notice an issue after that just reload as server state might have been impacted.

This is the second server update that’s user noticeable although there were a few others. I’m assuming Linode who are our main hosting provider is doing some infrastructure work.


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