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Codefreeze for Codename One 5.0 – Social

Codefreeze for Codename One 5.0 – Social

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Codename One 5.0 (Social) will launch next week, to keep the code stable we are entering a week long code freeze. Please update your plugin installs frequently and report bugs immediately so we will have a stable release!

We’ve added a lot of new features to 5.0 but a few of the big things are pretty disruptive:

Because all of these changes have many subtle implications we are relying on feedback from you on what’s working and what isn’t. If you run into any issue please file the issue ASAP so we can move quickly and update the release if necessary.

During this week of code freeze we’ll try to update the documentation and prepare everything for the release.

Upcoming Milestones

We will branch to the 5.0 branch in our repository and every change to the branch will be cherry picked individually.

Here are the coming releases after 5.0:

  • 6.0 (Chat) – Scheduled for February 19 2019

  • 7.0 (Video) – Scheduled for June 12 2019

You can track these milestones and the related tasks in our github project here.

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