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No More iOS Screenshots

No More iOS Screenshots

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In February I wrote about a new/improved way to build for iOS without the screenshot process. That was a bit ahead of its time as the xib build didn’t disable the screenshot process yet. This is now fixed and it’s turned on by default now. That means that if you send an iOS build it won’t go through the screenshot generation process.

This means that apps with native peers in the first screen such as maps, browser etc. will start working with this coming update. It also means the splash screen of the application on iOS will be relatively simple by default. You can customize it using xcode to make it more appealing. The upside is things such as multi-tasking etc. will work correctly.

A side benefit of this is a slightly faster build. It would also make the resulting binaries even smaller than they already are. In some cases the screenshots increased the size of the binaries significantly.

If you want to revert to the old behavior you can do so by setting the build hint ios.generateSplashScreens=true. It now defaults to false.


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