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Tune Performance, Profile on Devices in Latest Academy Update

Tune Performance, Profile on Devices in Latest Academy Update

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I promised 2 new course modules for February and just published the second one. In case you don’t recall I discussed the first one here and it covered building Codename One applications from the open source code.
This new module goes through seven lessons that cover everything you need to know when building a performant app. It covers everything from generic performance tips/analysis all the way to profiling and a case study. You can check out the full module in the Deep Dive into Mobile Programming course in the academy.

The deep dive course is bundled into the full Build real world full stack mobile apps course for free!

Together with the offline build course I added 2 hours of additional material this month alone.

This opens the question of where do we go from here?

I’m still weighing some ideas for the module I’ll release in March. I would also like you to help me pick the following apps after that…​

With that in mind I’m publishing a new survey which I would hope you can help me with here.

This will help me create new content that better suits the apps you are trying to build.

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