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Subscription Pitfall

Subscription Pitfall

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A while back Steve wrote about auto-renewing subscriptions and I recently got a chance to implement such a subscription in an app. However, it seems that all the changes in the world of in-app purchase created a situation where API’s work in some cases and don’t work for all of them.

After publishing this post we walked back on this, you now need to use subscribe for subscriptions again!

In the blog post, Steve used the purchase(sku) API to subscribe. This worked correctly as subscriptions are determined by the respective app store. As I implemented this code I chose to use the subscribe(sku) method which seems to make more sense. Unfortunately it doesn’t work and would be deprecated with the update this Friday.

It seems to work and even works on Android/iOS however, it doesn’t work with the receipt API which is an important part of the IAP workflow.

Despite a lot of the work we did for IAP it’s still one of the more painful API’s we need to work with. Dealing with the server side API is a nightmare. I hope we’ll come up with a better implementation for that moving forward.

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