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New Sheet Positioning

New Sheet Positioning

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Not so long ago, we released a Sheet component that acts like a non-modal dialog box that slides up from the bottom. It occupies only the amount of space required to house its contents, and it provides built-in navigation controls to go “back” to the previous sheet. By default Sheets are displayed along the bottom of the screen, but we have recently added an update that allows you to position it along the north, east, west, south, or center of the screen, as shown below:

Sheet component positions

In addition we have added the ability to use a different position for tablets and desktop, than for phones. On desktop, it is more common for dialogs to pop up in the center of the screen, whereas on mobile, it is quite common to have a dialog (or sheet) pop up from the bottom.

When positioning a sheet on the east or west, it is quite easy to create your own ad-hoc hamburger menu. This may be easier, in some cases, than using the ToolBar class, as it gives you more control over the result.

For a full working example, see the updated Sheet sample here.

Below is a 35 second screen cast of that demo:


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