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Sheets and Samples

Sheets and Samples

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Over the years we wrote a lot of demos for Codename One as well as a lot of test cases. This can get painful after a few dozen projects each of which with their own version of the JARs and build script. To solve this never ending need to organize samples Steve introduced a new samples folder into the open source project.

This makes it easy to build/run samples if you’re command line inclined. All you need is an install of Java and Ant to be in business. Steve introduced this quite a while back but it took a while to reach a critical mass of samples which it recently passed. By now the samples cover a lot of the functionality of Codename One. There’s a lot of documentation for the samples folder here so I won’t go too much into details. I will however refine a few steps in the getting started process…​

To run the samples you need to checkout the git cn1 project then do the following in the project root directory:

ant samples
JAVA_HOME must point at a valid JDK for Codename One and ant must by in the system PATH variable. Otherwise this won’t work.
The Sample Runner App
Figure 1. The Sample Runner App

It doesn’t look pretty but you can run a sample for almost any Codename One component and see the applicable code. You can send device builds etc. This is a very convenient system for test cases.


As such the samples contain a sample for the new Sheet API which you can see here. This is it, there is no need for resources or anything, the file is self contained.

Sheet is a new API that lets you show the property sheet UI common in iOS and recently on Android as well. It was easy to do this in the past but there was no dedicated class to address it…​ Now there is.

The Sheet Sample
Figure 2. The Sheet Sample


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