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Questions of the Week XXVIII

Questions of the Week XXVIII

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Unlike last week this has mostly been a calm week with the exception of some downtime we had on the
certificate wizard (Apple tightened TLS access) there was hardly anything major going on. We are focusing
a lot of our efforts on refining our offering on all fronts e.g.
better demos,
docs, compatibility and

Things will probably stay relatively easy until November although I think a big focus will shift into handling
some of the bugs we have lined up for 3.6.

Due to some painful regressions in the GUI builder we decided to release another plugin update which isn’t ideal as
we try to release as few of those as possible and focus on library updates which are more lightweight. Hopefully
this will be the last update before mid November.

On stack overflow things were as usual:

App broken after iOS build

This might have happened because sending a build updates the libraries if there is a new version. This is a
problem that occasionally happens on NetBeans where the AST cache gets corrupted. It’s solvable in
NetBeans by removing the caches, not sure how that’s done in intellij

Back navigation does not stop youtube video in WebBrowser

The browserComponent.destroy() isn’t very intuitive

Preference class picks wrong method

When we built this API initially it looked like a good idea to name all the methods with the same name
and differentiate them by argument type, in retrospect that was a mistake…​

App version number programmatically

I’m not sure how we can make this simpler, I’ve thought about adding a dedicated API but people don’t find
getUDID() either…​

NSAllowsArbitraryLoadsInWebContent in CN1

That’s exactly the use case for ios.plistInject

Using CN1 bluetooth is not scanning devices on Android

Bluetooth is a bit painful as an API

SSL error- Connention reset by peer on using Generate Certificates for ios builds

We had an issue with Apple servers just in the week Steve took off on vacation. Luckily he stepped in because
I was totally on the wrong track here…​

AutoCompleteTextField does not respect minimum length on load

This should be fixed by now with the new update

Autocomplete text field firing selection event on load

This is related to text field events that are “over eager” and would fire twice rather than miss a change

How can I access sqlite database on a webserver in codename one

We get a lot of questions on accessing remote DBMS’s on servers. I’d love to have a short decent explanation
on why this is a bad idea without going into NAT’s, security and the other problems.

Pass Data to other Forms and update Form

We might want to create a post with a discussion of the best practices for state within an application but this
is a bit of a big subject

How to mock server / http requests in Codename One for testing?

Our mock testing tools are non-existant which is a shame. We should have a mock implementation of Codename One
and it should be pretty trivial to build…​

How I can access to the webcam in cn1 windows desktop build?

JavaSE/FX is pretty problematic about basic things like that…​

Slider control: border is invisible until I press and drag it

There is an open issue on this in github which we really need to fix by now…​

Codename One AnalyticsService suddenly completely blocks the application flow

Sometimes these things are really hard to track…​

How to access sqlite database from webserver and insert record using web services in codenameone

This question seems to confuse the use of sqlite and webservices

How to modify the height of the statusbar in codenameone?

We made this even easier in the recent update where we provided fine grained control over the status bar

CodenameOne Background color

This is a huge deficiency in the designer tool, it should prevent users from changing the color when a border
is in effect

CodenameOne playing video / size and position

We made some improvements to video playback that were required due to regression we got after the new-peer switch

Codename one list scrolled down when returning to form

If this is with the old GUI builder then I have a good answer but you need to ask the right question…​

How to bundle sounds with Codename One?

You can play arbitrary media files easily

App launch on startup in codename one

This seems to be a common request but not really doable across platforms

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