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Questions of the Week XXVI

Questions of the Week XXVI

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As you may recall most of us are on vacation and the
few of us who are not have to work even harder than usual to keep things chugging along. I’m in India for
October (not on vacation) which slows down my work even further outside of my “home base”.

We’re releasing a much needed plugin update today with huge GUI builder changes, new round border support
in the designer and many bug fixes in the settings etc.

On stack overflow things were as usual:

TestRecorder How-To run test

You can run recorded tests via the tests ant target which maps directly to the tests IDE action in NetBeans

Closing a socket

When you close a stream it implicitly closes the socket, when building this we thought that’s intuitive but I can
see how this can be confusing

Local notifications in codename one

These should work fine for all google supported tablets

Fingerprint scanner in codename one

Fingerprint scanning is still emerging, if we see enough demand for it we will add it just like any feature

How to make date time picker components are editable in code name one?

These map to native code so they aren’t as customizable as other Codename One API’s.

How to listen for cell selection on a table?

Overriding the create cell in the table allows the full power of Codename One components

How to code an iPhone style popup menu in CN1?

This was requested enough times to warrant a code sample

Downloading file in Codename one

It’s important to keep FileSystemStorage & Storage separate

How-to set app name and app icon

This should be pretty easy especially with the new Codename One Settings UI

How to generate JUnit XML reports in Codename One?

I didn’t even remember we had this and it’s code that I wrote…​ I don’t know if I’m too old or if I wrote too much code…​

How to use resource file of GUI Designer

The transition to the new GUI builder will be painful because of the confusion aspect of two gui builders

Actionlistener not working

This was triggered by a new button created on top of the current button

TextArea / Textfield datachange listener with growing

The whole single line text area is a source of a lot of confusion for developers, we need to find a way to make this
more intuitive

TextView Foreground Color

Maybe we should deprecate getStyle() just to get people to notice the incorrect usage of that method?

Restoring the purchases made with codenameone

This is builtin to the iOS implementation of IAP

Where to place database

There is a detailed guide for this in the developer guide section on SQL

Delete the storage file in iOS

It’s important to keep FileSystemStorage & Storage separate, we need to simplify that code

RoundMask gives exception when image of specific size is used

The mask and image sizes must be identical, we throw this exception to prevent worse errors later on

Component not showing when swipeable container is swiped using code

This is a bit hidden knowledge thats required for working with this

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