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Merged Peer, October Vacations & India Trip

Normally we don't announce vacations but October will be busy
Merged Peer, October Vacations & India Trip

Merged Peer, October Vacations & India Trip

Last week we merged the new Android peer code into the main branch. That means that we can no longer support the android.newPeer flag as all non-versioned requests will use the new peers. This is a good thing as it will allow us to focus on one implementation moving forward.

We would like to bring the new peer implementations to other platforms but so far this has proven itself somewhat challenging especially with our resource constraints. Ideally we wanted to have this for 3.6 but it’s possible that it will get pushed back all the way to 3.7.


We don’t announce staff vacations normally but October will be busy with very few actual office days. If you have projects that are pending release or tasks that might be impacted we suggest arranging your schedule around October.

I would still be available for support and help but I will be in India for the entire month of October. This might impact my typical responsiveness and availability.

Other engineers would be available for some parts of the month but might be forced to deal with urgent issues based on priority. This means that some things might be left for November when we should all get ready for the 3.6 release which would then be imminent.

I will be in Mysore during my trip. If any Codename One developers are in that area and want to share some Chai & a chat I’d be happy to meet.

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Posted by Shai Almog

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