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Questions of the Week XVII

Questions of the Week XVII

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We just flipped the switch on InfiniteContainer which is now more
synchronous and complies with the EDT policy by default. We are already back to committing changes and
have been busy updating with all of the things that didn’t make it into 3.5.

A lot of those changes are a part of the release we made today & we have quite a few other things in the pipeline.

Onwards to the questions on stackoverflow:

SpanLabel in Codename one with BoxLayout along the y axis does not span

If you invoke setScrollable(true) you are effectively allowing scroll on the X axis too which is probably not what you want…​

Is there a way to specify the size of an image in the resource file?

Dealing with the amount of densities and the related complexities is one of the hardest problems of mobile development

Picker object

Pickers have a lot of limits to allow more flexibility on the native layer. A lowest common denominator approach
that’s enforced due to the usage of native peers.

How do I set the color of the radio button’s control?

We made radio buttons use icon fonts in recent versions which we tend to prefer over setting their icons in the
theme constants but that too can be done.

Codenameone:Unable to set floating hint to textfield

FloatingHint hides the TextField within it so you shouldn’t add the TextField again.

Image selected from Camera Roll shows up as black screen

Not sure why this is happening to her so if other people are seeing similar issues please let us know…​

Passing array of strings containing float values to POST method

This is clearly a problem in the PHP server code but since there is no code and I have no PHP experience I can’t
help much…​

Unable to call service from simulator

Could we have phrased the https warning using clearer syntax?

Fly over animation

Animating between 2 disconnected containers is challenging in Codename One

Cannot override dragfinished method

I have no idea why this is happening to this guy…​

How to hash data with custom key using SHA1Digest algorithm

Encryption is such a painful subject and the bouncy castle cn1lib is really under-documented. We’d love to have
a cn1lib section in the developer guide that covers all the big cn1lib’s and their use cases but the effort is huge
and we don’t have the resources…​

Why is my Codename One Project “not a visual project type”?

These are some of the reasons we are migrating to the new GUI builder. The old GUI builder was very confusing
to developers that are new to Codename One.

How do I control the width of the overflow menu?

The overflow menu is a bit confusing as it uses the old List based menu behavior and that’s much harder to theme
or customize than the buttons we use elsewhere.

Setting colors for the overflow menu

Another example of the problematic nature of the overflow menu list…​

Annotation Processing

I think we need a better “unified” approach for what is typically handled via reflection/bytecode manipulation

Sharing vs. Copying

Copy/Paste hasn’t been so much in demand on mobiles since the advent of share capabilities which answer
most of the use cases for copying.

Why isn’t my generated keystore file showing up?

We have seamless tools to generate keystores within the settings UI.

Codenameone: Unable to find packages during build

This is one of the first things people run into when working with Codename One, some things just don’t work
because a specific Java feature is missing.

Can I turn off banner ads in code?

No. We are moving away from the way in which we implemented banner ads to using cn1libs as much as possible.
This gives the developers more flexibility both in using the code and working with the ad provider.

Codenameone IOS app is crashing randomly

These things are painfully hard to track down and debug…​ There are many reasons for a potential crash and
in most cases it’s just an out of memory crash. Those usually appear within the crash log.

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