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Questions of the Week IV

Questions of the Week IV

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I’d like to open this weeks post by covering some things we do and try to avoid on stackoverflow. I try to upvote
your questions/answers whenever I can and most of us should upvote questions that are decent especially
from a person who has low ranking and might not have the stack overflow experience to phrase their question

Points in stackoverflow are important as they provide you with more capabilities and allow you to place bounties
on questions that need assistance. In that regard it’s important that if you ask a question and get the right answer
you should accept that answer, this provides points both to you and to the person who asked it.

When a person answered a question before me and gave an incomplete answer I try to edit his question
instead of posting my own answer. I have enough points and I’d rather that person who did most of the effort
will get the points

This week saw a lot of interesting questions and activity on stack overflow:

How to make Multilist conponent allow only one item selected?

Manipulating the MultiList programmatically isn’t always intuitive but it’s possible.

Toolbar components

Normally you shouldn’t change the Toolbar
directly as this relies on some internal implementation details that might change.

Generate SHA1 hash function

This question is probably more valuable for the question than the answer. Signing & encryption code samples
are sorely missing and that question contains a great sample of using SHA1. This is something we need to improve
in our docs moving forward and intend to…​

Screen shrinkage

This question was marked as a duplicate which happens occasionally, it does ask a very common question though
which always warrants a reminder. When you edit a text field on Android the screen resizes to allow space for
the virtual keyboard, this is different from the iOS interpretation of this functionality…​

Open app installation page in AppStore or PlayStore

Asks a very common question about sharing your app.

Why doesn’t my TableLayout center my components?

The defualt behavior of table layout works with preferred/available size and might not take up all available space.

Enabling TLS 1.2 on Codename one App for Android 4.0.X , 4.1.X and 4.2.X

Some questions can only be answered with a “you will need to implement this natively” although this specific
native implementation looks like one line of code…​

Upload to Cloudinary using REST API in CN1

Steve’s cloudinary library
has picked up some followers, here is a question answered the guys at Cloudinary
covering image upload.

Android push notifications not registering for push

Sometimes an answer just needs to be a visual aid…​

Time Picker doesn’t render correctly in landscape

This is an issue I can’t reproduce and I didn’t hear further from the guy who submitted it. However, to get a sense
of the amount of work I do check out the second screenshot from my Android device. Notice I have two mailboxes
and their unread count is apparent…​

I don’t mind this being public information but I just noticed it now and it was unintentional, make sure to check
your screenshots well before submitting as they might include stuff like that.

List scrollbar questions

We don’t have scrollbars but they are actually quite easy to add if you want to, a while back we
wrote about building a scrollbar and
I mentioned that link in this response.

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