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Questions of the Week 48

Questions of the Week 48

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This is our last blog post for the next 2 weeks, during the bootcamp we won’t be blogging and won’t have Friday releases until April 10th where the blog should return. This comes at a bit of a bad time when there is so much to write!
Just yesterday Steve committed many new Java API’s features such as support for exception chaining and a lot of other cool features. These should be in the Friday release that we are putting out today.

We also made a big change to density behavior in Android to workaround issues with some newer phones. Hopefully this version of the change will resolve this once and for all as we took a very generic approach.

During my absence for the bootcamp Steve will handle most user facing support. Notice that if you use pro/enterprise email support be sure to do it from the actual account email. Otherwise he won’t be able to distinguish a valid email from one sent in error.

On stack overflow Propagandian asked about minimum size besides preferred size. This is one of those AWT/Swing concepts that seemed right in theory but were often problematic in practice. So we didn’t carry them into LWUIT or Codename One.

Andrew asked about uploading to the itunes store which is annoyingly painful due to the need of a special tool instead of just a simple file upload tool. There is a workaround suggested by Paul but we would like to eventually automate this last piece as well removing the need for any OS dependent tool chain.
This is important even for developers who have a Mac as we would live to have better workflow automation. We need more enterprise subscribers who are interested in this so we can invest our energy working on these sort of tool chains.

Kevin asked about the right resolution for source images. Diamond gave a good answer here, personally I find I use images less and less and try to focus my designs on font images and solids. When I do use images it’s mostly for decoration and then the size isn’t crucial e.g. in the video I posted yesterday the image is just a JPEG and not even a multi image.

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