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Gradient and Image Background on FloatingActionButton

Gradient and Image Background on FloatingActionButton

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The Phoenix theme had a FloatingActionButton with a gradient on top. This goes against the mostly flat material
design spec but after looking at the design with a solid color I came to the conclusion that the designer was totally
right to use a gradient in this case. Unfortunately we didn’t build that support into the FloatingActionButton.

So as part of that work I added a special mode to the RoundBorder that uses the parent UIID to draw the background.
This sounds like a “no brainer” but there is a catch: the round border needs to be “round”.

Gradient and image primitives don’t draw within a round shape, so the only solution was
shape clipping which has a performance penalty as well
the associated problem of not working everywhere…​

So right now this is off by default as the behavior doesn’t work exactly the same on the JavaScript or Windows ports
where shape clipping is still missing.

To enable this we need to change the border of the component by making it use the UIID. We need to do that
from code using the RoundBorder.uiid(boolean) method. We can do this using:

RoundBorder rb = (RoundBorder)fab.getUnselectedStyle().getBorder();

If the background style of the round border includes a gradient or an image you will see the effects at once.

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