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Data Processing in Codename One apps
Data Processing in Codename One apps

The following recipes relate to data processing and conversion in Codename One apps. This includes parsing data like JSON, HTML and XML.

Customizing Themes Of Codename One Apps

Recipes to customize the look and feel of Codename One apps using Themes, CSS, Styles, etc.

Codename One 7.0 - Video
Introducing Codename One 7.0 (AKA Video)

We’re thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Codename One 7.0 (AKA Video). This has been our most challenging release to date. We constantly shifted the release date due to constantly shifting requirements and pivotal changes. Highlights of this Release Here are the highlights of Codename One 7.0 WebRTC Support This is probably one of

Codename One 7.0 - Video
Code Freeze for Codename One 7.0

At long last we’re entering code freeze for Codename One 7.0. This release cycle has been longer than it should have been because of many detours along the way.

top 10 best cross-platform app development frameworks in 2021
Top 10 Best Cross Platform App Development Frameworks in 2021

These top 10 best cross-platform app development frameworks in 2021 help app developers with code reusability, better ROI, easy maintenance and shorter time to market.

Why You Should Learn Spring Boot in 2021?
Why You Should Learn Spring Boot in 2021?

Spring Boot is an open source Java framework used to create micro services. Learn why you should learn Spring Boot in 2021?

Codename One Control Center Desktop App

We recently released a new tool named “Control Center”. Currently, it contains the preferences app, the builds dashboard and the support channel.

A Junior Software Developer’s Journey at Codename One

My name is Sergey Gerashenko. I’m a junior software developer at Codename One. My journey here began 3 months ago when I passed my first interview at Codename One and my first task was to learn Java within 2 weeks.

Codename One - New Website, SSO and new Payment Processing
Important: New Sign-In Behavior

Today, we are finally integrating the new Single-Sign-On to most of our tools. This means that you will need to create a new account using the login button in this site in order to use Codename One from now on. To make the migration easier, we tried to keep the existing login working as much

Codename One - New Website, SSO and new Payment Processing
New Website, SSO & Payment Processing

Welcome to our new website. We’re migrating to a Single Sign-On solution based on Keycloak and moving to a better payments processor.


This is the second is a series of blog posts hightlighting some of the components available in the CodeRAD cn1lib. The first post (or series of posts) introduced the RAD Chatroom component, a rich 2nd order UI component that encapsulates the user interface for a fully functional chat room. A second-order UI component is a complex


A while back we added a new TestRunnerComponent that provides a visual UI for running unit tests inside an app. Sometimes, while I’m developing unit tests, I find it easier to write them inside a regular app project instead of in the “tests” directory. This allows me to debug the unit tests in the IDE more easily,