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SEO, Gallery, Performance, JavaScript & Gradle

That's a SEO title if I ever saw one...
SEO, Gallery, Performance, JavaScript & Gradle

SEO, Gallery, Performance, JavaScript & Gradle

We are trying to improve the visibility of Codename One within search engines and as part of that we think we can also help you guys improve your visibility. When you submit your apps to the app gallery we provide dofollow links to your website/app store listings. We’d appreciate if you place dofollow links back to which you can place in a very hidden/unobtrusive way. This helps us increase our page rank and as a result will improve your page rank as we link back to you.

To add your app to the app gallery just comment on the post below with full details/link to your app. Make sure to include the package name, we need to verify that the app was built with Codename One and we don’t accept any other apps so please don’t post such entries as they would be deleted and comment links are "nofollow" anyway.

FYI the moderation system might block posts with links and put them in the moderation queue, we get a notification on that and approve the comments if they are indeed valid.

Performance Optimizations For ParparVM

Sanny Sanoff submitted a major pull request that’s already on the build servers. It’s a very ambitious change and based on our internal benchmarks it does improve quite a few things in terms of on-device performance.

It’s hard to tell how much of a difference will be felt in real world applications with changes like this as VM’s are pretty different from one another. We find that the biggest performance differences we see is when we improve the implementation of core API logic e.g. string handling primitives etc.

JavaScript Builds & Static Initializers

With the recent news that JavaScript builds are now available to a wider audience we also ran into some issues.

We are working on releasing an updated version of the VM based on the latest code from TeaVM which will hopefully solve some of these problems. Since this is a big change it is taking a while but we hope to finish it this week…​

One point that didn’t get enough attention when we released the original JavaScript port was an issue it has with static initializers. TeaVM does some pretty insane things to make threading "feel" real despite the fact that the browser is single threaded. Essentially every call to wait/notify etc. triggers a split in the generated code that allows the VM to switch co-operatively to other code. For 98% of the code this is totally seamless as proper code would eventually block somewhere.

However, static initializers are a bit of a special case here. It seems that its impossible to split them in a way that allows this functionality. So you can still use static initializers but you can’t call wait/notify etc. within them.

Normally that’s not a big deal, however it becomes a big deal when you realize that this also applies to code you invoke indirectly e.g. image loading IO would trigger wait for the IO operation to complete internally. The workaround is to do image loading lazily and not in the static initializer, ideally we’d like a more robust workaround but since this is a rather elaborate issue I’m not really sure how practical that would be.

Retry on the Google Play Services Patch

We had some issues with gradle Android builds last week and we eventually changed the default build back to ant just so we could get thru the week. We restored gradle builds today and hopefully fixed the issues with the build process, if you notice anything this might be due to that…​

Please let us know at once if there are any recent regressions related to the Android build here.

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Posted by Shai Almog

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