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    Write Once Run Anywhere Native Mobile Apps
    Use your existing Java(tm) skills to target iOS, Android, Windows & more with one code base!
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    Limitless possibilities!
    120M apps installed on devices! Join our huge & active open source developer community and build amazing apps. Check out our free courses and tutorials!
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    Use Any IDE, Leverage Your Existing Skills
    Codename One is open source and seamlessly integrates with NetBeans, IntelliJ & Eclipse. Codename One gives you full access to native code both in Objective-C, Android's native VM, C# etc...
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    Codename One 3.0 is now LIVE!
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Get Started

One of a kind set of features

Codename One makes cross platform development simple, seamless and maintainable

High DPI Support

Layout managers, multi-images, 9-piece borders and dozens of features designed to dynamically adapt your UI to all resolutions/densities.

Builtin Common Controls

Side menus, swipe containers, pull to refresh, infinite scroll and many other patterns are builtin

Full access to native

When you need to integrate with native features you can invoke Objective-C/Dalvik code thru native interfaces while maintaining portability!

Works with All IDE's!

NetBean, Eclipse & IntelliJ are fully supported

High Performance

Codename One is native to Android and generates native C code for iOS. It's as if you coded the app in C by hand.

GUI Builder/Fast Simulator

Apps can be hand coded or built with drag and drop, the Codename One device simulator is remarkably fast for short development cycles

Desktop & JavaScript targets

You can build a desktop Mac/Windows app as well as a JavaScript app that can run in the browser

Open Source

Codename One is completely open source

Vibrant Developer Community

The developer community shares code, tips and information including many open source libraries

Apps built with Codename One

Check out the full gallery here

Fair Pricing

Codename One is free for commercial use. For advanced features you can pay per developer seat, royalty free. Get more details about the individual plans...


  • Community Support
  • iOS Builds
  • Android Builds
  • Windows Phone Builds
  • Blackberry Builds


  • Unlimited Build Credits
  • Unlimited Build Size
  • Access To Native Sources


$1 Trial Option
  • Push Notification
  • Concurrent Builds
  • Online Training
  • E-Mail Support
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Crash Reporting
  • Desktop Apps


  • High Priority Builds
  • JavaScript App Generation
  • Continuous Integration
  • Office Hours/Phone Support

Latest Posts From Our Blog

Login Tutorials & Future Of Windows Phone

Facebook & Google login have been a source of a bit of pain mostly because of the obtuse and confusing documentation from both companies. Chen spent some time writing up tutorials for both Facebook Login & Google Login that should help you get started with applications that use such login options.

Book & Continued Migration

Eric Dodji Gbofu has been working on a Codename One book in French for the past year and it finally came out!
I'm still waiting on my copy mostly to show to French speakers we meet (I have a very hard time picking languages), I'm pretty sure its a cool book. Chen and I wrote the forward for the book, I trust Eric did a great job in it just like he has done with Codename One Fr.
You can order the book either directly thru the publishers site (which is apprently the preferred way) or thru Amazon.

Icon Fonts & Old VM Swan Song

While multi-image's go a long way in making your app scalable to various devices, scalable images can be even more convenient. The SVG standard never took off though, its too complex to support in an efficient way on the devices and so its relegated to web applications and even those don't make heavy use of it due to its complexity.
However, icon fonts have gained a lot of popularity in recent years and we used them in the past in Codename One e.g. in the photo demo.

Sign In With...

Chen recently published a major refactoring of our connection framework which up until now only supported Facebook login. With this recent refactoring the code to connect to various authentication services becomes far simpler and various services should become more pluggable. The default implementation centers around the Login and LoginCallback classes that use oAuth by default to perform the login.

Start right now with Codename One, learn more here