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Questions of the Week XIII

Native, sqlite, eof, maps, installation, bluetooth, localnotification, Accordion, auto-suggest, video thumbs etc.
Questions of the Week XIII

Questions of the Week XIII

This has been a remarkably busy week for us trying to get the final bugs and features ready for the 3.5 code freeze and the work we are doing on peer components etc. All the while the summer vacation is on it’s way and it’s already pretty hard to get any work done.

This weeks release doesn’t contain any major changes, it’s mostly a bug fix release update.

This doesn’t seem to affect stack overflow which had a busy week as usual despite the heat:

Codenameone Bluetooth APIs not working on android

That’s why we recommend using the new extension install UI where it checks dependencies…​.

Adding device-specific files as a codenameone native lib

I like it when users give a better answer on stack overflow…​ Makes me proud!

EOFException when reading file from storage (cn1)

This is such a common mistake when working with DataInputStream that it’s trivial for me to spot it by now.

Sqllite database location

We need a better SQL demo that will also demonstrate this, I started working on something but anything that is non-trivial (thus interesting) takes a bit too long…​

Displaying form on condition

I’m guessing everyone reading this post knows the answer to this one…​

Android phone will not show map (only blank map)

Google Maps are always a pain to get going the first time around with the API key and SHA nonsense.

App can neither be installed on android nor IOS

Pretty much every mobile OS out there fails at some point in app installation and gives zero help as to why which is very annoying.

Error using codenameone bluetooth support

Bluetooth is pretty new so there isn’t much in the form of documentation or anything to fallback to

Codenameone LocalNotification in android api < 16 and when the app is removed from recent

Some background behaviors that are device specific are pretty darn hard to replicate and figure out sometimes

Google Maps project in Codename One will not build

Changing package names in Codename One is sometimes painful even for us

Codename one set remove Accordion border

This is a pretty simple question with a pretty good answer

iOS code to generate video thumbnail returning 0 byte[]

Native interfaces are always hard to debug without a native environment…​

Does TextField fireDoneEvent() to call stopEditing() in order to close the virtual keyyboard?

With issues like this a test case is essential…​

How to disable Textfield from using the auto-suggestion on IOS

This is pretty easy albeit not necessarily intuitive for someone who is new to Codename One…​

Storage behavior on Samsung Galaxy S4

On device behavior can be pretty weird sometimes and object serialization is often a pain…​

Can I construct dynamically detail content in UI-Accordion-Component at Touch moment?

No. But since stackoverflow has a minimum answer length I had to elaborate on that…​

Codename one Windows UWP Shop Build Fail

The process of uploading/building for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is a bit tedious, it’s not really our fault as much as the guys from Redmond…​

Codename one Windows UWP build in compliance test on windows store

This is as far as we know the first time a Codename One UWP app is going thru the store upload process, hopefully these questions pave the way to a smoother overall process…​

Getting an OOM when rendering Bitmap for videoPlayer

Peer components are a pain, it’s a good thing we are looking into a major ovehaul for them…​

Gridlayout textfield search issue

Searching in GridLayout is somewhat problematic as hidden elements don’t quite disappear which is why we now have a special mode that allows hiding those elements. This was something we added to support narrowing the option set in the new Codename One settings UI

Video having problems on my phone

You can’t play a video twice when playing it from a stream, you need to restart it since the stream can’t be rewinded.

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Posted by Shai Almog

Shai is the co-founder of Codename One. He's been a professional programmer for over 25 years. During that time he has worked with dozens of companies including Sun Microsystems.
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