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Peering Revisited

Peering Revisited

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I blogged about
peer components
all the way back in 2014 trying to explain basic facts about their limitations/behaviors. A lot of those limitations
are inherent but over the past year or so we’ve been thinking more and more about the z-order limitation.

As part of that train of thought I filed this issue
with a few suggestions about working around some of those limitations. I think these approaches would work really
well on iOS which from my experience is more “amiable” to such hacks. Android is a different beast though.
Android’s rendering logic is a weird hackish nightmare filled with bugs and lore…​

So naturally I picked Android first to experiment with and as you can see from the screenshot above, the button
and labels are Codename One widgets…​

This is still buggy and there is no guarantee we’ll be able to bring this to production grade but I’m generally optimistic
that this is a doable task that opens up Codename One to a HUGE set of applications in media/mapping etc.
that up until now required way too much native code to work properly.