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Development Environment

Use your favourite IDE with Codename One to maximize Productivity

The Codename One development
environment is your IDE.

The plugin provides all of the tools that you need to
build gorgeous native apps in NetBeans. 

Select Your IDE:




New Project Wizard

Use the “Codename One Application” project type in
the new project wizard. Select from existing app
templates to give you a jump start on your beautiful
native app. Or select a bare-bones starting point with a
simple “Hello World” message.

Test In the Simulator

Press “Run” to launch your app in the Codename One simulator. Select from a comprehensive list of skins to see how your app will look on the actual device.

Debug Your App

Press “Debug” to launch your app in the Codename One simulator, and debug it right inside NetBeans . Add break-points and make live code changes that apply immediately inside the simulator.

Build Your App

Press “Send iOS Appstore Build” to send your app to our cloud build servers, where they will compile it down to native code using the official platform tool-chains, and give you back an appstore-ready app. The “Codename One” menu includes build targets for all major mobile platforms, and even a few that aren’t mobile.

Install Add-Ons

Browse through the add-ons directory to find a wide assortment of plugins developed by both Codename One and third-party developers. Some notable “cn1libs” include Google Maps support, Websocket Support, and Parse support.

Design Views in the GUI Builder

Use the GUI builder to help you layout complex views in your app via drag and drop. Set the style and positioning of your components to be exactly the way you want them.

CSS Live Update

Use CSS to define styles such as borders, fonts, colors, padding, and margin. Make a change to your app’s stylesheet and watch as the app instantly updates in the simulator.