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Codename One 3.2 Release Notes

Codename One 3.2 Release Notes


Version 3.2 sets the pace for many upcoming features & migration processes such as the
new cloud infrastructure for push servers, modernized GUI builder etc.

Highlights – Click For Details

New GUI Builder (technology preview)

Local Notifications on iOS and Android

Introduced New Push Server Architecture

Added Ability for cn1libs To Include Build Hints

Improved iOS/Android Rendering Speed

Added A Permanent Side Menu Option

Get All Styles – Simplified Handcoding Theme Elements

Added Support For Facebooks “Invite A Friend”

Terse Syntax For Building UI’s

Java 8 Language Features are now on by default


  • Added helper methods to RadioButton to create toggle buttons in a more concise way
  • Tuned SpanLabel to avoid unnecessary line breaks
  • Fixed an issue with URLImage & ImageViewer that caused the images
    not to download in some cases
  • Fixed BigDecimal and BigInteger to behave more like their java.lang counterparts
  • Fixed alpha handling in fillShape() on iOS as part of issue #1594
  • Improved multiline support in ContainerList which seems to have regressed
  • Fixed stack overflow with SocketConnection on iOS issue #1581
  • Added ability to customize the completion list of the AutoCompleteTextField via code
  • Fixed language id’s for iOS 9 which started adding variants into language codes
  • Fixed race condition in the AppArg property on iOS
  • Fixed an issue with reloading a resource file using a different DPI
  • Added ability to customize the long press interval
  • Added ability to create a Container that encapsulates a component or group of components with one line of code
  • Added ability to specify a SimpleDateFormat for a picker to allow a more custom look
  • Enhancements for issue #1572 that log dangling cursors in the SQL API into the console
  • Fixed issues with the TimerAPI on iOS
  • Fixed issue with SCALE_TO_FILL in URLImage, when rounding
    causes IllegalArgumentException
  • Added constructor to border layout for simpler/shorter code
  • Added validateToken to the Login framework
  • Fixed null pointer on String.valueOf(Object) in the iOS VM
  • Added helper methods to UIManager to reduce the boilerplate when initializing projects
  • Fixed vertical position in toolbar apps with morph transition
  • New utility methods to simplify sleep/wait calls
  • Added ability to mask images fetched thru URL image.
  • Added many new shortcut methods such as add methods to containers and text field getter for integer, new constructors for text fields.
  • Fixed upload to provide progress indication on iOS
  • Added ability for dialogs to dynamically adapt their size
  • Added command support to SpanButton