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WKWebView and PRs

WKWebView and PRs

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We still have features to cover from our summer vacation but we need to make a short de-tour through newer things that landed recently. One of the big highlights is the switch to WKWebView. We effectively changed the default iOS browser component to WKWebView instead of UIWebView. This resolved warnings Apple started sending out to developers about using the out of date UIWebView.

This mostly went unnoticed by most developers as it should. But if your browser starts acting up this is the reason. There isn’t much we can do here as we knew that day would come where Apple will demand a switch.

Video Library

Francesco Galgani created an impressive cn1lib for low level video access named “VideoOptimizer”.
It supports compressing video files for distribution, grabbing video frame screenshots, getting the duration of a video etc.

This is pretty cool and also a pretty difficult task as it involved integrating the ffmpeg native library in an Android build with an AAR to package the whole thing.


ramsestom implemented a generic interface for releasable components in PR #2910. Before this Codename One had special cases for Button so if a user pressed a button and didn’t release it we made sure to let the button know about this at some point…​

This is now generic via the new ReleasableComponent (named IReleasable in the PR which was renamed in the following commit).

Popup Direction and Mime Guessing

Francesco Galgani submitted two PRs. First #2914 which lets you explicitly set the auto complete popup direction e.g.:



The second PR #2925 includes an API to guess common file mime types from the first few bytes of a file. Using Util.guessMimeType e.g.:

String mimeType = Util.guessMimeType(fileOrStorageFile);

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