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Which Subscription Level Should I Choose?

Which Subscription Level Should I Choose?

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From the many emails and discussions we have with developers it seems that there is a great deal of confusion regarding the differences between the 4 levels of subscription that Codename One is offering. I would like to explain the difference more succinctly by covering some of the cases and benefits we reached with various level of subscribers.

There are generally 4 levels of subscription: Free, Basic, Pro & Enterprise. (note: there is also a corporate tailored license which is something completely different).

The free and the basic subscriptions are basically identical, the only difference is that the basic subscription has the no monthly build quotas. Free and basic subscribers get basic support in our discussion group, which is great for indie developers.

Pro subscribers get a lot more, but find the biggest advantage to be in the support arena. Besides getting priority in response time, pro subscribers often email us their project source code to get help in debugging nasty issues that they run into. The ability to share proprietary sources with us via email is hugely beneficial, for us its really great because we often find issues in the source that weren’t the reason for contacting us. E.g. a pro subscriber had an issue with background images and while dealing with that issue I noticed he set his back button behavior incorrectly. I wouldn’t have seen this without some access to his sources.

With Enterprise subscribers we have scheduled “office hours” this essentially means we spend time with them on Skype (or other VoIP solutions) and go over the issues in person. The great benefit here is that we can actually go over a bug or a feature and give proper hands-on assistance in resolving such issues. E.g. on a recent session with a customer I used a feature within the simulator that allows us to

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debugging, the surprised and glee expressed by that customer over that ability prompted me to do the

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. Some of our enterprise customers only schedule office hours when they have an issue/bug which is a shame, the biggest value of office hours is in the help we can give in design review, tips etc. when going over your code.

Besides all of the above, having a pro/enterprise account gives you access to a growing list of features (cloud storage, push etc.) and

to our online course

which is far more detailed than the

How Do I?


Notice that the Codename One 101 course has been deprecated by now. We shifted our online courses to the Codename One Academy.

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