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minor correction to the build process about the build.xml issue in the Codename One project.

To me the biggest advantage in Codename One over pretty much any other mobile solution is that its realistically open source. Realistically means that even an average developer can dig into 90% of the Codename One source code, change it and contribute to it!

However, sadly most developers don’t even try and most of those who do focus only on the aspect of building for devices rather than the advantage of much easier debugging. By incorporating the Codename One sources you can instantly see the effect of changes we made in SVN without waiting for a plugin update. You can, debug into Codename One code which can help you pinpoint issues in your own code and also in resolving issues in ours!

Its REALLY easy too!

Start by

checking out the Codename One

sources from SVN

, use the following URL

which should allow for anonymous readonly checkout of the latest sources!

Now that you have the sources open the CodenameOne project that is in the root and the JavaSEPort that is in the Ports directory using NetBeans. Notice

that these projects might be marked in red and you will probably need to right click on them and select Resolve Reference Problems. You will probably need to fix the JDK settings, and the libraries to point at the correct local paths.

Once you do that you can build bot

h projects without a problem. Notice that you will probably get a minor compilation error due to a build.xml line in the Codename One project, don’t fret. Just edit that line and comment it out.


Now the fun part, select any Codename One project in NetBeans, right click and click properties.

Now select “Libraries” from the tree to your right select all the jars within the compile tab. Click remove.

Click the Add Project button and select the project for Codename One in the SVN.


Now select the Run tab and remove the JavaSE.jar file from there by selecting it and pressing remove.

Add the JavaSEPort project using the Add Project

button and then use the Move Up button to make sure it is at the top most position since it needs to override everything else at runtime.

You are now good to go, now you can just place breakpoints within Codename One source code, edit it

and test it. You can step into it with  the debugger which can save you a lot of time when tracking a problem.

Notice: This post was automatically converted using a script from an older blogging system. Some elements might not have come out as intended…. If that is the case please let us know via the comments section below.

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