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Updates and Happy New Year

Updates and Happy New Year

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Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, happy new year to all. All of us here at Codename One hope you have a lovely vacation if you are taking one. As I mentioned before we are still working but only partially due to the holidays. We still got a lot of things out and have a lot more coming up. I will blog more about it in January. In the meantime, I’ll leave another teaser for my current project…​

I’ve been working on cloning the Uber UI and functionality focusing on the chief use cases. The app itself isn’t that much work but documenting the process is a huge effort as I’m trying to explain every single step in as much detail as possible. Unfortunately since there is so much there screenshots don’t really convey the amount of material I created so far but that’s what I have to show for it right now…​

The Uber side menu next to the clone
Figure 1. The Uber side menu next to the clone

You can see a larger version here.

I hope I’ll make the end of year deadline to publish the full module but with everything going on around here I might slip into January. I’m still hopeful I can get it out but realistically I’m trying to “do it right” and that takes time.

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