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Uber Clone Clarifications and Xcode 9.2 Update

Uber Clone Clarifications and Xcode 9.2 Update

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The other day I sent out an email alert mentioning the Uber clone release and price change for the course on the 30th. I also mentioned upcoming modules in February which caught some attention. I wanted to clarify some things and answer some of the repeat questions I’ve been getting. I also have a lot of updates to make so I’ll include some of those below.

Uber Clone

I uploaded 33 lessons into the module by now which you can see in the main course page. I’m almost finished for this part.

If there are issues/missing functionality that’s problematic I might revisit this code in the future. However, based on the amount of work I had to put in I’m not sure how likely that would be. I would have to repeat all this work again for the social network app coming in April.

By the way, thank you all who visited and hearted my article at hacker noon. It got republished by dzone as well.


This has been somewhat contentious the last time I wrote about it. We don’t raise prices often. We actually only did it once for the basic subscription a few years back.

Having said that. The pricing of the course makes no sense once the Uber module is uploaded. It becomes a far larger course and increases its value. This will repeat once I upload additional apps. It’s unfair to existing users if we charge the same price regardless of value. It also provides a purchase disincentive.

We will raise the price to 499USD on the 30th of January and to 599USD in May once the social networking app is up.

We will still have an installments plan but it will probably raise prices too rather than stretch the installments further.

As you may recall I guaranteed a new app 4 times a year which means 8 new apps where the Uber clone is the first in that series. That doesn’t imply we’ll raise the course price by 800USD. I think that we’ll reach a price that we deem reasonable and stop (or slow down) at that point.

Upcoming Modules

Next month I will publish two new modules into the academy.

The first I’m pretty clear about and it’s currently tentatively titled: “Working with the Codename One Source code: working without the build servers”.

It will walk through the process of setting up an environment based mostly on the source code without using the build servers. It will continue where include the source left off by going into device build complexities without the servers.

I’m still open for suggestions about second module so feel free to comment below. A good suggestion I received was “performance” which I think I can probably spend hours talking about…​

Xcode 9.2 Update

We started the process of migrating to xcode 9.2. The big pain of upgrading servers to the latest version is behind us but builds still don’t go through. If by chance you select xcode 9.2 in the build hints or in the Codename One Settings UI the build will fail with a signing error.

You will need to select xcode 7.3 explicitly for now.

We will keep you posted on the migration, unfortunately we can’t make this migration 100% seamless as you might need build hints to clarify usage of some API’s that didn’t require these things in older versions of xcode.


There are a lot of new features and news I hope to get into in February but I’m trying to get some closure so we can get back to the fast development pace.


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