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Tutorial – Using Push Notification

Tutorial – Using Push Notification

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Push gets a lot of support queries, it’s a hard subject to wrap your head around especially with all of the conflicting and shifting landscape around it. To make matters worse every OS conceptualizes it very differently. I go into some of the really advanced stuff such as fallback behavior in the advanced course but basic stuff is still a crucial first step.

So I adapted some of the material from there and re-did the push How Do I? video to use the newer API’s and settings. Check out that page for the full transcript of the video.

Notice that push is a pretty big subject and I couldn’t cover everything in a 15 minute video so I didn’t discuss other platforms such as Windows and JavaScript (both of which are supported). I didn’t discuss parsing the JSON results from our servers and handling them even though there is a lot of nuance there. It’s just too much to discuss and JSON parsing in JavaSE isn’t something I’d like to discuss right now.

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