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Tutorial – Offline Build

Tutorial – Offline Build

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Offline build is a pretty complex topic which is why we opted for the online build process in Codename One. It allows for simple install/build and doesn’t require a Mac. However, if you work for a bank or a government agency using a cloud solution is sometimes an insurmountable roadblock. That’s why we introduced the offline build option to replace our old private cloud option.

It isn’t ideal, building offline essentially forfeits some of the key advantages of Codename One and surprisingly slows down the build process (our servers are really fast). But when developers need to choose between this and the other available options there is still some appeal. In this tutorial I scratch the surface of offline build and also explain its unique licensing status. Unlike the standard Codename One services, this is an offline service so it will keep building even without a license. This is especially important for enterprises that need safety moving forward and a guarantee they will be able to build their apps in the future.

It also allows far more stability when compared to server builds as you can pick a specific offline builder and just keep historical copies.

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