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TIP: Uninstall cn1lib

TIP: Uninstall cn1lib

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Unfortunately this isn’t automatic due to the way cn1libs are implemented. In some cases you need to uninstall a cn1lib if you no longer need its functionality and this is far from seamless.

These are the steps you need to take:

  1. Remove the files with the name of the extension (the .cn1lib and the .ver file) from the lib directory – you can see them in the files tab in NetBeans or in the file explorer of your OS.

  2. Open Codename One SettingsBuild Hints & remove the ios. & android. entries you didn’t add manually

  3. Right click project and select Codename OneRefresh Client Libs

This last step will recreate the ios. and android. entries needed by other cn1libs you might have installed.

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