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Surprises And Changes

Surprises And Changes

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We have constant Google alerts setup on various Codename One related keywords and the other day we got a lovely surprise in the form of this great presentation from Mateja Opacic who to my knowledge never contacted us or discussed this with us. Apparently he made this presentation at the

Coding Serbia Conference

, which is really cool!

He has a great presentation & demo.

We added a few interesting features and fixes this past week, we now support adding array arguments for connection requests e.g. it would now be possible to do something like myConnectionReuest.addArgument(“key”, new String[] {“val1”, “val2”}); this will essentially add two key entries e.g. key=val1 and key=val2.

The LocationManager’s getCurrentLocation

Sync method now allows an optional timeout argument which can be pretty useful.

Eric made an interesting contribution to the processing package expression language syntax

providing a contains operator


We also added the AutoCompleteText and SpanLabel to the GUI builder and made some major fixes to the way the GUI builder handles composite components which should remove duplicate entries from such components property sheets.

I’m about to commit a slightly compatibility wrecking change to Storage. We had an issue with files in storage that contained slashes and colons. This sometimes works but it can fail for many devices (justifiably). To solve this we will now sanitize storage names automatically and replace common illegal characters with underscore.

This should work rather seamlessly for most use cases, however if you have existing files that use illegal characters or you rely on behavior related to these problematic characters you might run into problems e.g. saving “x?” then listing the storage will return “x_” instead.

To disable this feature we are adding to Storage a flag called is/

setNormalizeNames(), you can use this flag to indicate whether entries should be normalized. The default is true for normalization.

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