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Smaller iOS Source Builds, Timer & Index

Smaller iOS Source Builds, Timer & Index

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Up until now when building with include sources for iOS we also included a btres directory which was necessary for the
old VM but no longer necessary in the new VM. This increased the distribution size considerably and we are now
removing it to speed up the builds and reduce server costs. When we were in the process of reviewing the sizes of
apps we noticed quite a few apps with resources weighing well over 5mb which would probably cause performance
issues for your application, we suggest reviewing such apps and optimizing them.

On a separate issue the Timer class seems to have been leaking threads for some reason on iOS.
As we looked into it the code for the class was very complex so we simplified it considerably. If you are using
java.util.Timer please pay attention to changes in behavior that might have occurred because of this
change and let us know if you run into such issues.

We also made a big change to the way exception handling works in the new VM last week, it solved some hidden issues
that might have occurred with exceptions thrown within a synchronized block. If you had some hard to track issues
that might be related we suggest you try again with a fresh build. Other than that we made some fixes to the charts
code and performance improvements on devices for that code.

JavaDoc Index

A while back I was sitting with a developer whose been programming with Java and Codename One for quite some time,
yet didn’t find a feature that he was searching for in the JavaDoc. This brought to my attention
the fact that quite a few people forget about the existence of the JavaDoc index file
(just click the index link on the top right).

You can just use the search function of the browser to find methods or documentation of interest regardless of the classes
in which the method is defined. This is useful when you are looking for a specific API and don’t have much to go on.


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